could this be the next big wave . . .

Only time will tell, but not without a really great team of developers and investors. is interested in sharing this marketplace opportunity with suitably qualified technology partners and investors to build a new production version of its patented technology.

A novel algorithmic commodities exchange for commerce. It could render all other marketplace technologies obsolete. That's because it can do everything that other disparate trading platforms can do, but in one seamless real-time process. Buyers can buy immediately at the current market value, or edit the price and product configuration, then click to post a new bid including all their own unique choice of options, right down to the finest granular detail. Anything can be bid up, bid down or bought immediately at current market price. This technology is entirely unique to and well beyond the scope of any competitor. can provide all the design 'blueprints', including working prototypes and experience resulting from over 2 decades of cutting edge R&D. Our technology partners can provide the skilled manpower to assemble the final product, with expert guidance available from the original inventor, every step of the way.

Upon successful completion new VC partners will be invited to add capital to ramp up volume worldwide.

All participants can share 100% ownership in the technology, data licensing and marketplace revenue.

You can also watch a 2 minute video and if you find this opportunity interesting then get in touch using the contact form on this site.