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could this be the next big wave . . .


Only time will tell, but not without at least another 2000 hours of hard work by some very talented coders

A copy-cat marketplace is already doing over $2 million dollars per day using only a small fraction of dealmaker's original technology.

dealmaker.com is interested in sharing this opportunity with suitably qualified technology partners to build a new production version of its patented Multi Attribute Continuous Double Auction eXchange technology. (aka MACDAX)

The MACDAX   could render every other bidding platform obsolete. That's because it can do everything that any other type of bidding platform can do, and a lot more, but all within just one simple user interface. This is entirely unique and well beyond the capabilities of any other sales negotiation system.

dealmaker.com can provide all the design technology, including working prototypes and experience resulting from over 20 years of cutting edge R&D. Technology partners will need to provide the skilled manpower to assemble the final production version.

Upon successful completion new VC partners will be introduced to add capital to launch worldwide

All participants will share 100% ownership in the technology, data licensing and marketplace revenue.

You can watch a 2 minute video and if you find this interesting then get in touch using the contact form on this site